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Current offer: receive a ¥1000 coupon(for 2 members usage fee) for each project member you add!

Get a full view of the project and tasks including all in one information and file sharing.

Project Map

Project management is exceptionally difficult, but grasping the context of each task can aid effective prioritizing and help you cope with the troubles.

Use drag and drop methods to handle these critical management moments with the Project Map.

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For complex projects and teams with many detailed tasks, the Kanban(Billboard) view allows you to easily see who is working on what.

Projects can be understood from all angles. Use List view to see all the tasks at a glance, and Schedule view to confirm deadlines.

Avoid the pitfalls of management and ensure the project’s success.

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Misunderstanding or forgetting important decisions can be a huge hurdle for the completion of a project.

Discussion gives an overview of who said what, who shared what file and what decisions were made.

Communications in the chat client can be easily reviewed and searched.

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Useful in a variety of contexts

Plan in the office then check your tasks on your smartphone.
Ideal for remote work and collaboration with external companies and freelancers.

The benefits of Mammoth Project

Affordable price

¥500(about $4.7-$5, tax excluded) per month per member and free for individuals.
Competently manage your project for the cost of a single cup of coffee.

Support for hierarchical projects

Even large scale developments and hierarchical projects can easily be incorporated.

Safe and secure

All data is encrypted and transferred using financial institution level 256-bit SSL security.
Data storage is decentralized so your information is safe even in the event of disaster.

No installation required

Projects can be accessed anywhere using any web browser enabled device, such as PC, tablet and smartphone (we recommend the use Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox).

Easy to use

An intuitive interface means a pleasant user experience, even for those without project management expertise.

Corporate contracts are also available

An on-premise version is available with support for company invoicing and intranet only access. Please enquire here.


Begin your new project management experience today.

Current offer: receive a ¥1000 coupon(for 2 members usage fee) for each project member you add!