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Did you know that 71% of all projects fail?

Source:Standish Group (Chaos Report 2015)

Sharing the full picture of your project is the key to its success.

Organize your tasks, meeting records, and important information quickly and easily for everyone to see.

Mammoth Project is a tool designed to effectively share the complete picture of your project with the whole team.

Check your tasks from 5 different angles

Gain a clear and multi-dimensional understanding of your task with the 5 views.

Save your meeting records and feedback as a log

Exchanges often lost in chat-logs and emails can be easily checked at any time.

Link with external services

Link the service with your Github account and import/export your tasks.

Save your meeting records and feedback as a log

An important part of advancing a project is to share "what has been considered" and "what has been decided" clearly. Many projects fail due to conflicts between members on what has and hasn't been said.

With Mammoth Project, information that may be easily lost through chat logs and emails can be confirmed easily and clearly at any time. You can also share attachments and search for information.

Easily add and remove members

It's common to have members join and leave throughout the development of a project. How smoothly you can pass the work and information of one member to the next is a key part of running a successful project.

Mammoth Project will let you easily manage the members joining and leaving the project with one screen. With all of the project information managed in one place, transferring duties can be done with minimum effort.

With a business contract, you can check who in your organization is part of which projects, as well as manage their member status in bulk.

Useful Features

Member Management

Invite new members and delete retired members for each project easily with this list. Access restrictions can also be controlled, preventing information leakage.

Link with Slack

To check for updates immediately, you can link the project with Slack.(Coming Soon)

Import / Export

Task information can be imported and exported as csv files. Project Maps and Gantt Charts can be downloaded as images to be shared with others.

Link with GitHub

Link tasks involving source codes with GitHub's Issues. With this, engineers can easily share the status of their work too.

Task List / Notifications

Easily check on the tasks you've been assigned to, as well as its related tasks and discussions. Stay updated by checking lists and receiving notifications.


All communication is encrypted in bank level 256-bit SSL. Data is also dispersed and saved, protecting it even in cases of disasters. Please consider the Private Cloud version.

How to Use the Mammoth Project

The functions of the Mammoth Project have been designed in-line with the most ideal way to progress through projects.
The simplicity of all of the functions means that anybody can use them with ease.


Determine Tasks

When you have decided to carry out a project, figure out what tasks are required. The task list is predominantly used for this. It can be rough at the beginning since information can be changed later.

Read Know-How


Build Tasks

This is where the Mammoth Project shows its full potential! Once you have determined what tasks need to be carried out, use the Project Map to link the order of the tasks. Once you have created a Project Map, share it with your team and other people involved to ensure no important tasks have been left out.

Read Know-How


Check the Progress of Tasks

Work begins once tasks have been created. Members report their progress on their assigned tasks to their leader. The leader should then make adjustments to ensure work progresses smoothly amongst members. The task board is handy for keeping an eye on progress.

Read Know-How


Adjusting the Schedule

Use the Gantt Chart or Calendar to adjust the schedule when the project is progressing into its final stages. With the balance of time and tasks remaining in mind, make sure you adjust the schedule in advance if required.

Read Know-How


In this instance

There are functions that can be used to cover a range of occurrences during projects outside of tasks, such as the sharing of project information, changes in members, account settings, etc.

Read Know-How

Service Fees

There are few leaders in the world who can bring a project to success, and their rewards are high.
By using Mammoth Project, many can efficiently guide their project to success at a low cost.

This service is available for free for private use, feel free to try it.

Please contact us here if you are interested in an installation,
price estimates, and trial periods. We will provide you with a security check sheet for free.

Basic Online Version

500yen /mo/member
  • Unlimited number of projects
  • Unlimited file storage
  • 1000 yen coupon issued for each new member
  • "Read Only" Members are free
  • 10% off full-year payment with one-time bank deposit

On-Premise Version

360,000 yen
  • Company Server Installation Plan
  • 150 licenses included
  • Troubleshoot support included
  • Free updates during contract period
  • Installation fees excluded (50,000 yen excluding tax)

Private Cloud Version

600,000 yen
  • Create a private instance for the company on AWS
  • 150 licenses included
  • Server creation/monitoring, and updates included
  • IP Address/VPN access restrictions available
  • Access log for auditors available

Product Records

Mammoth Project has been used for projects in various industries, not limited to IT, including advertising, construction, electronics, manufacturing, publishing, welfare, nurseries, agriculture, space development, as well as NPOs, startups, and companies listed in the Tokyo Stock Exchange
(as of 2019/05).


Project Users








The newest updated versions of Google Chrome/Firefox. While it can be used in other browsers, functions such as task board and project maps may not work properly.
Service usage charges are incurred when a member joins a project for the first time. However, members who join the project after being invited for the first time are given coupons to use. The vouchers can be used until the balance reaches zero during the trial period.
While your credit card details are entered on the Account Settings screen of the Mammoth Project, these details are sent directly to the billing service and are not stored on the Mammoth Project. Strict safety measures are carried out and, if there is an incident, your credit card details will not be leaked.
The Project Owner pays the services fees for every member in the Mammoth Project. For example, if the members are A, B, and C, and A is the owner, the fees will be 1,500 yen, for unlimited projects and data usage. However, please be aware that if B or C becomes an owner, then they will incur additional fees, despite being members. A corporate contract is recommended if you have multiple owners in the organization and would like to have a combined invoice. Please apply here for a corporate contract.

Notice from Mammoth Project

We are currently holding System Updates.

Notice – Revamped Official Website and Ver.2 Development!!

  Hello from the Mammoth Project Dev Team.   To our English-speaking readers: thank you fo

From the development team

"How can we guide projects to success when they don't work out as expected in real life?"

Using multiple complicated and simple tools together will complicate information exchange and lead to failing projects.

Success is determined by how well the full picture of the project is shared with its members and how efficiently and creatively they can work.

Mammoth Project is the product of our years of project management and the knowledge we gained from these experiences.

The "mammoth" in Mammoth Project is a symbol of the "large target" prehistoric humans worked together towards to achieve prosperity.

Huge profits, a new sense of value, solutions to societal issues, business improvements; no matter how large a company is, it cannot be realized without completing projects one by one.

Please use Mammoth Project to complete your projects for a better future. It would be out utmost pleasure.