A collection of frequently asked questions. If any queries are not mentioned below, please contact us.


When will I be charged?

Service usage charges are incurred when a member joins a project for the first time. However, members who join the project after being invited for the first time are given coupons to use. The vouchers can be used until the balance reaches zero during the trial period.

When will fees reflect changes in member numbers?

Usage fees for the Mammoth Project are paid a month in advance. For example, if a newly-invited member starts their paid usage from the 10th of the month, the fees will reflect the number of members on the 10th starting from the following month.

What are the billing increments?

The Project Owner pays the services fees for every member in the Mammoth Project.
For example, if the members are A, B, and C, and A is the owner, the fees will be 1,500 yen (plus tax), for unlimited projects and data usage. However, please be aware that if B or C becomes an owner, then they will incur additional fees, despite being members. A corporate contract is recommended if you have multiple owners in the organization and would like to have a combined invoice. Please apply here for a corporate contract.

What is a coupon?

A coupon can be used instead of the service charge. Each member is given a 1,000 yen coupon when they join after being invited for the first time. Coupons are automatically used. An email about payments will be sent out upon the balance of the coupon reaching zero.

Are members who have been re-invited after leaving the project once eligible for a coupon?

Only one coupon is issued for every email address.

Can I choose the payment method?

Generally, payments by credit card are accepted on a monthly basis. Corporate contractors can pay an annual fee via bank transfer. In this instance, a 10 percent discount is given after subtracting the balance of coupons. Contact us here for a quote.

Is it safe to register my credit card details?

While your credit card details are entered on the Account Settings screen of the Mammoth Project, these details are sent directly to the billing service and are not stored on the Mammoth Project. Strict safety measures are carried out and, if there is an incident, your credit card details will not be leaked.

Where can I check receipts and billing information?

Receipts and billing information can be found on the accounts screen to the top right of the menu after logging in.

What is a corporate contract?

When using within an organization, a single person can be allocated to pay if there are multiple owners. This is known as a corporate contract. Contact us here for more information about corporate contracts.

What is the private cloud?

The private cloud is available for projects of companies with strict security requirements, and can be used to restrict access (IP address restriction/VPN) by creating an exclusive instance. You can also transfer over to this from the standard plan. See here for further information.

Can I transfer over to the private cloud from the standard plan?

Yes, you can transfer your data over to the private cloud from the standard plan.

I have received an email with the subject, “Regarding Service Usage Charges”. Although I have not registered my credit card, will charges still be incurred?

As the Mammoth Project fees are paid in advance, you can cancel your membership or continue as is if you wish to stop using the service.
Fee payments for incurred charges are only carried out once a credit card has been registered. Payment is not required if a credit card has not been registered. The service will be suspended after one month if a credit card has not been registered by the payment date.
Service charges are also incurred when the coupon, that is distributed upon inviting a member, has been completely used.
Please contact us here if you are a corporate customer who requires a trial period.

Corporate Contracts

What type of corporate plans are there?

  • 1. Standard online service
    • – Usage of the standard online version (login via ID/password)
    • a. 500 yen/mon/member paid via credit card
    • b. Number of licenses x 500 yen x 12 months paid in a lump sum via bank transfer (10 percent discount off total price)

  • 2. On-Premise version (server installation)
    • – 360,000 yen (includes up to 150 licenses, annual fee) + installation fee of 50,000 yen + travel expenses (if necessary

      • – Your company is responsible for hardware set up, server running, and updating of functions (updating through update files).

  • 3. Private cloud version
    • – 600,000 yen (includes up to 150 licenses, annual fee)
      • – A plan for your company to use the Mammoth Project via AWS.
      • – Operation fees include initial set up, server running, and updating of functions.

What steps are required to pay via credit card for the standard plan?

If you are a corporate contractor, please contact us here to arrange for credit card payments. The filling out of documents and other processes are not required.

Can payment methods be selected for the standard online service?

Yes. Invoices can be issued or automatic payment via credit card can be selected.
Please contact us here if you wish to have invoices issued.

What are the advantages of a corporate contract?

An additional fee is incurred if the project owner changes (even if they are a member), when there are multiple projects being implemented within a team.
A corporate contract is recommended if you have multiple owners in the organization and would like to have a combined invoice.

What are the differences in the calculation of charges between a corporate contract and private usage when there are different project owners?

There is an additional fee for every project owner in standard usage.
As such, for example, if A, B, and C are three different members, and both A and B are project owners, then doubled fees will be incurred, despite both of them being members.
Registering as a corporate member makes all fees uniform, even if there are different owners (payment for 3 members for the aforementioned example).
For corporate customers using the service the cost is 500 yen for every unique account (the total number of email addresses), even if there are multiple owners.

What steps are required to add IDs on a corporate contract?

Please contact us here to increase the number of licenses.

What processes are required on the private cloud?

Please contact us here first. We will provide you with any information you require.

How are corporate contract members registered and confirmed?

You can manage licenses through the corporate organization license management function we provide to the contractor’s account.

Are “Read only” restrictions excluded from billing for corporate contractors?

Yes, if all restrictions are set to “view only” for a project then it will be excluded from billing.

Is the service offered at no cost for NPOs, start-ups, and usage for educational purposes?

NPOs/NGOs (non-profit organizations), start-ups founded within the last 3 years, and usage for educational purposes (for teaching, university research, PTA activities, etc.) can use the service at no cost. There are no function restrictions. Please contact us here with the following information.

  • Email address of the contractor
  • Name of the organization and information about ongoing activities (please include a link to the official website or other information that explains said activities)
  • Are member charges also free for start-ups founded within the past three years?

    Member charges are also free. There are no maximum restrictions.


    What is the recommended operating environment?

    The newest updated versions of Google Chrome/Firefox. While it can be used in other browsers, functions such as task board and project maps may not work properly.

    Can it be used on smartphones or tablets? Is there an app?

    Yes, the service can be used via browser login. Only the task list and calendar task functions can be used on smartphones. All functions can be used on tablets. The iOS/Android apps are currently under development.

    Are there enhanced security plans for corporate contracts?

    Yes. For projects of companies with strict security requirements, there is the on-site version that is installed directly onto your company’s server, and the private cloud version that can be used to restrict access through VPN or IP addresses by creating an exclusive instance. See here for further information.

    Where should I send questions or requests?

    Fill out this form with any questions etc. to send through to us. Responses are generally given within 24 hours. Phone: +8190-9349-4951 (direct line to CEO Hashimoto). Please feel free to contact us.

    Registration or invitation emails are not being delivered.

    Please check to see if the emails are in the spam folder. There is a possibility that delivery has been restricted by the spam filter of the receiver’s mail server or mail client.
    If the emails cannot be found, try sending the email again through “Resend Account Confirmation Email” on the login screen.
    There may be issues in email delivery due to misspellings of registered email addresses. Please contact us here if the cause of the issue cannot be found.

    Discussion notification emails are not being delivered.

    Notifications are sent to the email address(es) registered through “select recipient” on the top portion of the comment when posting to a discussion.
    Notifications can be sent after posting through “add notification recipient”.
    A summary notification email can also be sent to those who aren’t recipients to the message as long as the project notification frequency is not set to OFF.
    This can be found by selecting “Notification Settings” in the top-right portion of Account Settings in the header.

    I cannot switch Google accounts.

    The switch Google account option is always displayed when using Google Chrome. When using other browsers, such as Safari, you will be automatically logged into the Google account you are currently logged into; the login screen will be displayed if you are not logged in.
    Please refer to the below site for more information.
    Use your Google Account on your iPhone or iPad – Google Account Help

    How do I cancel my membership?

    Select “Cancel Membership” from “User Preferences” in “Account Settings”.
    When a Project Owner cancels their membership, all members are automatically no longer able to access corresponding projects.

    I am no longer able to access receipts and invoices after canceling my membership.

    Please contact us if you require receipts or invoices after canceling your membership.

    Will I stop being billed if I leave all projects as a member?

    Yes, charges will be stopped when you cancel your membership.

    Will I stop being billed if I leave all projects as a member?

    Projects with only 1 member are not billed, as such, you will stop being billed as of the next billing date.